Room Lettings

General Information

  • Rooms, Hall and Chapel are available for hire for regular events or on a one off basis.
  • No part of the premises is available for hire on a Sunday morning.
  • The venue is suitable for concerts, conferences and similar events.
  • There is disabled access to all parts of the premises except for the Upper Room.
  • Audio visual facilities are available in the Chapel.
  • There is a fully fitted kitchen available adjacent to the Hall and Meeting Room and a small kitchenette in the Link area.

Main Hall

16.6 x 7.65m

Can seat up to 80 (at tables), up to 100 (chairs only).

Meeting Room:

7.2 x 5.9m

Can seat up to 25.

Upper Meeting Room

8 x 4m

Can seat up to 15.

Chapel (Sanctuary)

Can hold up to 100 downstairs and 60 in the Balcony.

Front of Chapel

Rear of Premises

Rear of premises showing good car parking.

Get in Touch:

Please contact Karen Barron for information on charges and to make a booking
at 01937 588352 or