Banner Group

We begin with a cup of tea and a prayer before getting started.

From its inception in February 1998 over 50 banners have been produced.

We work on Church Banners depicting the various festivals of the Christian Calendar.  Apart from the obvious festivals of Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Harvest, we have banners for Holy Communion, Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Mission weekends, Action for Children (a Methodist charity), Advent, Lent and banners depicting the seasons of Summer, Spring and Autumn.  We have also made pennants to go across the hall to ‘lower’ the ceiling during fellowship get-togethers and made a series of music stand falls for our Worship Band.  We have also made music stand falls for St. James’ Church.

As a diversion we have made three fund raising banners for worthy causes within the Church family, ‘selling’ items to go on the completed banner.

We are helped by books on Banner making, Bible illustrations and ideas ‘from thin air’!  It only needs three of four people to get together as obviously not too many people can work on the same piece of material.

Since the Church has been refurbished there are new banners in the Link area illustrating the hymn ‘Welcome Everybody’